How to Rip/Convert Blu-ray Movies with Forced Subtitles?

Q: “Is there positive way to rip my Blu-ray movies with corresponding forced subtitles for foreign language dialogue? I use MakeMKV, but the ripped subtitles are not shown normally. Need your help!” Forced Subtitles are generally provided when the characters speak a foreign language, or there is a sign, location, or other text in a […]

How to Backup Blu-ray/DVD Movies to Seagate Wireless Plus for Streaming

Seagate Wireless Plus is a reliable mobile storage to backup your videos, pictures, music and stream your media and files to your tablet or smartphone in one place. For Blu-ray/DVD fans, have you ever thought about backup your favorite Blu-ray/DVD movies to Seagate Wireless Plus for streaming on the go? If you don’t know how […]

How to Watch Zootopia Blu-ray on iPhone/iPad/iPod on the go?

Q: “I have bought Zootopia Blu-ray from Amazon, I wonder is there any effective way to enable me watch Zootopia Blu-ray on my iPad Pro conveniently. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!” Most of movies fans have deep impression by Zootopia movies. Great writing, fun and memorable characters, an intriguing mystery, and outstanding animation with incredibly […]

How to Insert Blu-ray Clips into PowerPoint Presentation?

Q: “Hello all, I have some home made Blu-ray videos, I need to insert some of Blu-ray clips into my PowerPoint for displaying with my customers. Is there any effective way to get it? Thanks in advance!” PowerPoint is an easy-to-use yet powerful free software that designed for a good presentation. You can insert some […]

How to Watch 3D Blu-ray on HTC Vive VR in Perfect 3D Effect?

Q: “I have collected some 3D Blu-ray discs, I’m searching for a safe way to bring my 3D movies from Blu-ray discs to HTC Vive for best enjoyment. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!” HTC Vive is the destination for the best games, 3D or 360 degree video experiences in virtual reality, using a headset and wireless […]

How to Rip and Backup Blu-ray to QNAP NAS?

Q: “I have a QNAP media server, I want to rip and backup my Blu-ray collections to QNAP NAS for easy viewing throughout our house. Any tips? Thanks in advance!” The QNAP NAS provides gives a reliable way to access, save and share all your media data from anywhere. It’s also an all-in-one Blu-ray NAS for […]

Blu-ray to Lenovo Tab 4: Rip Blu-ray for Playing on Lenovo Tab 4 on the go

Q: “I used to play HD Blu-ray movies on TV via a Blu-ray player, but recently I have bought a cheaper Lenovo Tablet 4 to watch movies on-line. However, most on-line sources are paid. I ask for a safe and easy to play Blu-ray movies on Lenovo Tab 4 conveniently. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.” […]

How to Play Blu-ray Movies Over Network?

Q: “Is it possible to play Blu-Ray movies over a network using a shared Blu-Ray drive? I’d like to watch movies in Windows Media Center or a device similar to the Western Digital TV HD Live Media Player. I would like to be able to install a Blu-Ray drive in my main computer, but have […]

Blu-ray to iPod: Rip and Copy Blu-ray to iPod Touch for Playback on the go

iPod touch has a 4-inch Retina display and features GPU performance up to 10 times faster than the previous. In addition, you can get the same great battery life, with up to 40 hours of music and 8 hours of video playback. Thanks to iCloud, everything you purchase through the iTunes Store is automatically available […]

How to Rip and Backup Blu-ray on macOS High Sierra?

The new macOS High Sierra is about deep technologies that will provide a platform for future innovation while also introducing new technologies to make the Mac more reliable, capable, and responsive. High Sierra includes H.265/HEVC video encoding, which preserves better detail and color while also introducing much improved compression compared to H.264. For Blu-ray fans, it’s […]