How to Share Facebook videos on WhatsApp with your friends?

There are various messages and hottest videos on Facebook, some videos are classic and make you laugh to tears. So you would like to share these Facebook videos on WhatsApp with your families and friends. The question is how can you download and share Facebook videos on WhatsApp, if you don’t know, you can take this tutorial as reference.

Method 1. Share Facebook Videos to WhatsApp on PC

  1. On a PC, things are simpler, or at least they seem to be.
  2. While browsing Facebook just right click on a video you want to share.
  3. Click Show video URL and copy the URL displayed.
  4. Go to and paste the link in the chat box.
  5. You can also head over to and paste the copied URL in the URL box to download the video, then send it to your contacts on or transfer it to your phone.

Method 2. Share Facebook Videos to WhatsApp on Android (Root & Xposed Framework)

1. Rooting is risky, and in some cases a slightly complicated process, but things like these are what make rooting worthwhile. If you have a rooted Android smartphone with Xposed Framework installed, all you need is an Xposed module called Xposed One Tap Facebook Module.

2. The module also requires an application of similar name called Xposed One Tap DownloadDownload and install them both.

3. Activate the Xposed Module and reboot your device.


4. The next time you’re browsing Facebook via the official app, you will notice a finger icon in the left corner of your status bar, as soon as you scroll to a video.

5. Pull down the notification shade by swiping from the top edge of your screen.

6. There are three options – DownloadPlay or Open. Tap Download to download the video to your device storage.

7. When the video finishes downloading, a new notification will be displayed. Tap on the notification to view the downloaded video.

8. You can then share it like any other picture or video on your device via WhatsApp or any other app you prefer.

9. If you prefer using the Facebook mobile website over the app, you can take a look below.

Method 3. Share Facebook Videos to WhatsApp on Android (No Root or Xposed)

1.Things are just as simple for users with a non-rooted Android device as well, but there’s a catch. You will have to use Facebook via its mobile website rather than the app.

2.Download and install FB Video Downloader.

3.When you launch the app, it presents you with Facebook’s mobile website. You will have to sign in to your Facebook account.

4.The website works just like it would on Google Chrome or any other mobile browser.


5.There is one difference, however, that is when you tap on a video, instead of playing it, the app presents you with three options: Watch, Download, Cancel.

6. Tap on download to download the video to your device storage.

7.Share it with your friends over WhatsApp or any other app from you Gallery app.

8. Users with a rooted Android device and Xposed Framework can also use this method if they prefer not using the Facebook app.




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