How to Get your Blu-ray Movies to Google Pixel (XL) 2 for Watching on the go?

The Google Pixel (XL) 2 will likely look quite similar to its predecessor, with a few minor differences. The smaller of the two devices is expected to sport a 4.97-inch display with Full HD resolution and 4 GB of RAM, while the Pixel XL 2 is expected to sport a 6-inch QHD AMOLED display with […]

Rip Blu-ray for Playing on Google Pixel (XL) on the go

Google Pixel (XL) is deeply integrated with Google’s search services, and it’s the first smartphone to have Google Assistant baked in. Pixel phone’s clearest display and bumped-up battery enables you enjoy longer HD movies and TV shows without worries during a travel. If you have some Blu-ray collection, it’s wise of you to rip Blu-ray […]